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The success of the original bathroom distributors they were so sellers
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Time of issue:2022-01-12

1, Shandong Rongcheng rain sister:

I don't sell the toilet lid, because my toilet seat is not bad. The toilet cover is broken, I'll give you the whole change, whenever you go out of my home store toilet cover for a lifetime. Buy my home, 5 years, only in a rust point immediately changed, do not explain.

2, Chengdu, Sichuan crown:

Customers come to buy Bathroom, as long as staring at the bathroom cabinet, the customer ordered a bathroom cabinet, what toilet, metal pendants are on, just sell. All customers are invited to TA with us a shadow, and to share the circle of friends, and even some will be posted to the store, using the influence of acquaintances, enhance the credibility of the store. Be sure to serve the guests over the age of 50, they are demanding for the quality of the product, but also will become a loyal communicator of the brand. This part of the people have the ability to consume, buy Bathroom products are around 8000 yuan, while 90, 80 are generally controlled at less than $5000, so the older customers must be good service.

3, Shandong Liaocheng boss sun:

Into our shop customers are God, whenever we entered the store customers, please sit down and chat slowly, our rest area is very large. For the guests into the shop, we will have a guide in charge of products, employees responsible for making tea, buy our product life-long maintenance, unlimited service cycle, on call. From the sales of these dealers can be seen, quality, service is the only way for their success, they can succeed, why can't you? So don't blame outside factors, and should stand on the shoulders of those who look far ahead from a high plane in the success, the quality of service, in your mind, in line, you can also become the cream of the crop ", focus on helping object.

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